Getting started with Batch is super easy! There are just 3 requirements to complete which you can do in under 5 minutes.

Batch has only 3 requirements, and chances are you've already completed some of them. You can find all of them listed in the /account page of the app.


Online storefront
Batch only works if you are using Shopify for your storefront.

Shopify Payments
In order to securely and effectively manage payouts Batch does all the transactions through Shopify's payment API. To make sure you have Shopify Payment's enabled just do the following steps:
Scroll down to the Setup Shopify Payments section in Batch and click "Manage Payments"

manage payments
Click on "Activate Shopify Payments" on your payment management settings page.

activate payment
Select which payment providers you want to use.

Whitelist Your Products
Batch will only let your customers make offers on products that you allow. The more products you whitelist, the more offers you will get.

To whitelist your products in your "/account" page:
Scroll down to the section "Publishing" and select "Manage Products"

white list step 1
In the Bulk Editor add the field "Available on Batch - Offer Sales Channel"

whitelist step 2
Select the products you want to sell (or not) via Batch and press "Save"

whitelist step 3
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