We group offers in a smart way to save shipping fees for your customers.

In order to save shipping costs for your customers and keep them happy Batch applies an intelligent order grouping to open offers.

Offers that belong to the same order can benefit from the same shipping cost.

If you accept an offer from an order and then accept another, later from that same order. As long as an order is unfulfilled, any offers belonging to that order that are accepted will be attached properly to that order.

Here’s an example:

Order 1 comes through with an offer for products A, B and C

You accept the offer for product A

Customer is charged, including shipping, order becomes unfulfilled

You accept the offer for product B

Customer is refunded for product A and charged for products A and B, including any taxes and shipping specific to products A and B (a single shipping charge)

You accept the offer for product C

Customer is refunded for products A and B (incl. shipping and taxes) and charged for products A, B and C with a single shipping charge for the three products (per your shipping options) and the relevant tax rules for the three products.

This gives you some freedom and ensure customers who make several offers in a single order do not get penalized if you choose to accept all of those offers.
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