The advantage Batch gives you is the option to sell any inventory you want when you want at the prices you want. But you need offers to do that.

Ask any eCommerce expert and they'll tell you— Pay What You Want outperforms markdowns every single time.

The reason behind that fact is a simple microeconomics concept called the "consumer's propensity to spend."

For every product price, there's a certain number of people who are willing to buy that product. That means that at your list price, there are less people willing to pay than at any price under that list price. Which makes sense; the lower the price, the more people are willing to buy the item... until the price hits zero, where anyone will grab a free item.

It goes to say that your earning potential is in direct relation to your list price, or rather, to whatever the price your customer is exposed to.

Think about it: many people hold out for a discount code or markdown because they're part of the batch of consumers who won't buy at list price. And yet, there are many, many people who are willing to buy just under the list price.

This is significant: Batch lets customers choose their price, which means it captures the buying intent at every single price point rather than only at your list price or at an arbitrary markdown price.

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This gives you control over which prices you feel comfortable selling at, while also giving the lucky customers whose offer is accepted a great deal. It's a win-win for everyone

For all these reasons, make sure to make as many of your products available to Batch as possible, so you can maximize the number of offers you receive, and by extension increase your options as a merchant.
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