There could be a variety of reasons preventing your store from being able to process orders, but by far the most common is being out of stock on items for which you are trying to process orders.

There are two possible solutions if you trying to activate offers for products that are out of stock:

1. Add inventory to the products before activating

Perhaps the simplest solution is to ensure the products you're trying to sell have enough inventory to process your orders.

If you're dropshipping, there's a strong chance you'll want to do the second option, which is to ensure you keep selling

2. Keep selling items even when out of stock.

The best way to do this is to ensure you tick "Track Inventory Levels" when you create products.

If you need to update existing products to continue selling when they run out of stock, here's how to do this:

For a single product, you can simply edit it and set the setting:

Set a product to keep selling if out-of-stock

Bulk Updates for Existing Products
For existing products, you're able to edit them in bulk, so you can make the change once for all existing products. To allow overselling for these products, follow these steps:

Go to Products > All Products
Select all products.
Click "Edit products".
Once the spreadsheet opens, click "Add fields" and select "Continue selling when out of stock".
Tick the checkboxes for all products you'd like to continue selling when sold out.

That's it! You should be able to process offers for products even if you're out of stock.

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